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GPS Navigation & Multimedia Headunits

Navigating from here to there has never been easier with in-car GPS navigation systems. These devices have transformed our lives from depending on fold out maps to finding your destination with the touch of a button.  Car Entertainment Center integrate navigation into your vehicle with in-dash GPS Navigation and multimedia headunits, along with a complete line of Navigation accessories.


Automotive GPS systems are known by many names, navigation systems, car navigation, GPS car navigation, auto GPS, automotive GPS, Bluetooth® GPS, car GPS navigation systems and many other names. No matter what you call them, owning one will make navigating around town simple and easy.

Automotive GPS systems can save you your most valuable commodities, your time. Don’t get lost again. Your GPS Navigation can re-route your of an accident or road closure, to get you to your destination quickly and efficiently. Modern Navigation GPS systems are easy to use and more affordable than ever before. GPS Systems can integrate via Bluetooth® with your cell phone or mobile device to make handsfree navigation and communication simple and easy.


Benefits of Multimedia Integration to Factory Radios

Most Popular Features:

HD Quality Sound
Direct connection between your wireless mobile device and the vehicle provides Hi-Definition quality sound.

Mobile Charging
Charge your mobile device on the go with integrated charging capacities that will keep your battery full while you are on the go.

Simple Control From Radio
Simple and safe steering wheel controls can be equipped to change tracks, fast forward and rewind. Make phone calls, answer the phone and send or receive text messages with voice control for SAFE driving.

Auxiliary Input (RCA)
RCA auxiliary input provides the ability to connect a second device like a laptop, mp3 player, Bluetooth, or other mobile device for a complete interactive experience.

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At Car Entertainment Center, car GPS navigation installation is our specialty! We would love to help you with the questions you may have when deciding on which GPS system is the best fit for your needs. Car Navigation Systems, GPS, Bluetooth Technology, and Interactive Multimedia Headunits – it’s all here, outstanding service and quality mobile navigation products.

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 GPS Navigation & Multimedia Headunits