Car Alarms/Remote Start/Keyless Entry

What types of car alarms systems are available?

There are several types of Car Alarms Available.

  • Basic Car Alarms – have everything you need for a good basic security system and basic conscience features such as keyless entry


  • Remote Start Systems – can be part of a security system or part of a standalone system that just starts the car and locks/unlocks your power doors.
  • GPS Tracking systems – can track your vehicle if it is stolen or you want to know where your vehicle is at any given moment
  • Keyless entry upgrade systems – converts your factory keyless entry system into a basic car alarm.
  • Vehicle Surveillance system – a four camera system that monitors and records and saves any events to the interior of your car onto an SD card.

What are some key features I can get with a car alarm?

Car Alarms can do a lot of things, some features are built in and other features require additional modules or parts. Here are some of the most popular features our customers are looking for:

  • Starter kill – Helps prevent the thief from easily starting your car to steal it
  • Impact sensor – Detects impacts to the car
  • Tilt sensor – Senses motion to the car, such as the car being jacked up to steal the rims
  • car-alarm-keyless-entry-installation-humble-texas-2Motion Sensor – Senses motion to the vehicle such as someone shaking the cars as they try to break in, someone getting in the bed of your truck
  • Proximity sensor – used mainly with convertibles. This type of sensor detects when someone is reaching into an open vehicle to steal something or get in your open vehicle.
  • Dual zone sensors – Available in both shock and proximity sensors] detects both inside and outside the vehicle using warning chirp[s] of the siren to warn someone they are too close to your vehicle or triggering the siren if someone breaks in.
  • Glass Break sensors – A high frequency microphone sensor that trigger the alarm if someone breaks your window
  • Keyless entry – Unlocks your power door locks with the alarm remote
  • Drivers side unlock – will unlock only the driver’s side power lock with the first push of the remote button, all of the rest with a car-alarm-keyless-entry-installation-humble-texas-4second push. This is ideal for when you are unlocking your car in a dark and/or remote area because the only way into your car in thru the drivers door.
  • Remote start – can be used on fuel injected, automatic transmission vehicles to start the vehicle remotely to cool it down before you get in during the summer or warm it up before you get in during the winter. We even have a remote start module that can be used with select Clifford alarms that will allow you to do a remote start with a fuel injected, MANUAL transmission vehicle!!!
  • Window roll up – You can have your power windows automatically roll up when you arm the alarm. There are also modules you can buy that allow you to roll the windows down with the touch of the remote or even “vent” the window so the hot air escapes while your car is sitting out in the sun on a hot day.
  • Auxiliary outputs – The more auxiliary outputs you have, the more convenience features you can add.


Automotive Remote Start & Keyless Entry Systems

Our Car Alarm Systems give you the best of both worlds, car security and convenience. Car alarm systems protect the car with features like starter disable, entry protection and impact sensors, as well as offering convenient features like remote door lock and unlock, remote trunk release, remote start and other features you can add.

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